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1:1 Coaching

Closely partner with the client to identify high impact leadership opportunities (tightly linked to applicable goals and outcomes), and introduce behavior modifications with game changing results. Clients typically become much more effective listeners, increase their cross functional influencing capabilities, enhance their performance management practices, and build better team trust.


Team Mentoring

Collaborate with the executive team to prioritize key focus areas to increase team effectiveness. Apply powerful concepts such as horizontal (vs vertical) leadership, thought partnering, OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) and DiSC (behavior assessment tool) to create and implement custom programs that lead to better results, both in how the team works together and what they end up delivering.


Strategic Off-Sites

A key, high ROI vehicle, especially with remote and geographically disparate leadership teams, to create needed space for face-to-face strategizing, trust building, and alignment. Through careful planning (logistics, content, continuity, goals and outcomes) and application of proven best practices, clients dramatically improve results.




Confirm client's leadership optimization priorities in the context of their role, overall business goals, and desired outcomes.



Check assumptions by soliciting feedback from client's audience (for example, boss, peers, other superiors, direct reports).



Quantify highest impact leadership improvement goals based on Intake and Discovery findings.



Complete a series of regular 1:1 coaching sessions where client and coach examine real-time workplace interactions (and related challenges) as vehicles for best practice experimentation and meaningful change.



Client and coach (and client's executive sponsor as applicable) assess progress against stated goals and desired outcomes and determine next steps.

Client Use Cases

Tech start-up first time founder/CEO brand new to leading a team

  • 360 feedback confirmed high trust and confidence in the client.

  • Focused bi-weekly sessions on leadership best practice options across key areas: 1:1 and group forums, strategic planning, performance management, conflict navigation, and global team building. He adeptly navigated around common and costly missteps new CEOs routinely make.

  • Rationalized value proposition of OKR adoption and carefully guided its implementation; this resulted in highly aligned and aggressive, yet achievable objectives and subsequent results.


Europe-based sales engineering VP for an established US tech company wanting to strengthen her cross-functional influencing skills

  • 360 feedback reconfirmed high respect/marks for the client.

  • Focused bi-weekly sessions on revisiting recent boss/peer exchanges where the client felt like she was not being heard and/or not being treated fairly. Collaborated on more assertive leadership best practice options, which she put into successful practice, which was confirmed by her boss and peers.


Dynamic banking SVP prioritizing continuous improvement for his direct team

  • Implemented 1:1 executive coaching and strategic quarterly off-sites.

  • Significant focus and traction in performance management, delegation, and cross-functional influencing and OKR rationalization and adoption, which led to stronger team and individual leadership and results, as reconfirmed by his boss, the bank COO.


Experienced digital marketing VP delivering on her goals but struggling with her new corporate culture

  • 1:1 executive coaching in conjunction with a peer cohort program

  • Collected and analyzed 360 feedback to get to the bottom of her cultural fit blockers.

  • A self-awareness breakthrough helped her to ultimately embrace key leadership behavior changes for unexpected and meaningful outcomes, validated by enthusiastic praise from her boss and nomination into a highly selective executive management program.

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