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“Dave focused on trust, open communication, and partnership to drive results. He helped our secondary marketing and operations leaders become more collaborative strategic planners and better cross-functional influencers. He helped our sales leaders become better people leaders, leveraging the power of teamwork to increase production and client satisfaction. Calmingly insightful and a joy to work with - an absolute 10/10!”
- John H, Senior VP, 7K+ Employee Bank
“Working with Dave has been a breath of fresh air. His experience as a business leader enables him to guide with clarity and sense of purpose and his approach is always actionable. Working with Dave has helped me to remain focused on delivering business outcomes efficiently and influencing results through collaboration. You definitely want Dave in your corner!”
- Ondina P, SVP/CMO Wealth Management, 15k+ Employee Insurance & Investment Company
"I have to say, as a first-time Founder/CEO, I've been incredibly fortunate to have had Dave's steady and spot-on guidance in all things leadership best practice related. With his help, I've been able to deliver more like a seasoned CEO, developing OKRs, building and engaging global teams, influencing up to a foreign parent company, and refining my leadership versatility skills to ensure business goals and outcomes. Dave's wealth of experience and insight has been an invaluable asset to my growth as a leader and the success of my company. I can't recommend him enough!"
- Ravi K, Founder & CEO, Technology Startup
“Working with Dave has simply been a pleasure.  Not only does he bring highly relevant senior executive domain expertise to the table, but he does it in a way that is relatable and actionable. His approach is centered around improving leadership capabilities resulting in achieving better business results. I have personally participated in the process, as well as have witnessed several peers go through the process and there is no doubt that it was a pivotal game changer that still influences each of us today.”
- Mary E, VP Talent Acquisition & CSR, Technology Industry
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